Saturday, July 09, 2005

we tend to forget that we live alongside the elements of nature inside a big fishbowl called earth.

as one hurricane bearing down one area half a world away from where i am now, i still remember like it was yesterday when i once was caught in the middle of a tornadic area in the state i used to live. a tornado happens when a cold front with cold air clash with a warm front resulting a disturbance in the area which could sweep and kill everything on its path.

usually, on the weekends, i drove out of the city to visit small towns or nature parks with only a highway map as my guide and, of course, my camera. i loved hunting pictures in farming areas.

it was a clear saturday afternoon when i reached a small farming town of only 383 people two hours from the city and spent time to take some shots there. i was, literally, in the middle of nowhere when all of the sudden, the hazy sky turned black and the slow breeze became a cold windswept. as i turned my head backwards, the tall thick black clouds were heading my way fast. in seconds, the beautiful surroundings became so eerie and spooky. it scared me to death. yet, the last ray of the sun before it was blanketed by the dark clouds was so heavenly beautiful.

i couldn't think anything else except driving my car as fast as i could through the heavy rain and hail falling seconds after i took my last shot of the light. now, as i remember that moment, i think i was crazy enough to shoot that last picture as they could be some prescious seconds to save my life from -- lightings.

i drove and drove and could care less to where i was going to. and felt really fortunate when minutes later the wind and rain died down. yet, i couldn't force my eyes to see what happened behind me. the tall dark clouds was enough to make me scared. it turned out a tornado touched down just outside the small town i drove by minutes earlier. phhewww...

the picture above reminds me of the beautiful light just seconds before it engulfed by the dark clouds of a nature phenomenon.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

you are the perfect you -- just the person the world needs to fill your shoes and do your job. to smile your smile and laugh your laugh. and, share your incredible uniqueness with everyone lucky enough to know you. so be very proud of yourself, and whatever you do -- stay you.

many times, you wanted to be somebody else who are not just you. and, it happened to me a couple of years back as i wanted to be someone else just because a girl i liked adored that person. as silly as it could be when i flashbacked my memory to that time being, that happened.

of course, i couldn't change myself into that person no matter how hard i tried to. i will never be that person and i am what i was planned to be by the Highest.

the words from hallmark above was, one day, given to me by a friend and as i, accidentally, came across it, i remembered the time when those words hit me straight in the eyes.

aaah... even actors and actresses who have the ability to change characters will return to him/herself at the end of the day.

i love croissant. nothing would beat a plain buttery warm croissant for breakfast in a crisp autumn morning.

some would eat one with forks and knives by gently cutting it into pieces and lifting one with the forks. on the other hand, i prefer to eat it bit by bit -- breaking its soft buttery body with my fingers.

yet, breakfast in jakarta? forget the croissants. nasi uduk, bubur ayam, and any jajanan pasar will do.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

i'm more a tea drinker than coffee. i drank coffee (or other hot beverages) socially when i met friends or have casual meetings at starbucks or any other coffee outlets in town.

yet, tea is a daily beverage. either a tall glass of iced tea, sweetened ice tea or just a cup of plain teh celup.

in time like meeting deadlines when i need to finish some articles, meaning working late and glaring at the monitor of my PC for long hours, resting my eyes while sipping a cup of hot tea is what comforted me.

today, while looking at my bedroom windows and realizing how soft a 9am light was, i visualized a mug and a tea bag.

after using up all the tea bags in the pantry and forty five minutes of experimenting with my camera, i got a shot i like.

and, ahh... what a way of relaxing on a sunday morning.

until i heard my mom looking for a bag of tea.