Monday, February 21, 2005

to oz i fly

i have exactly three days to rest and catch up with all my works at the office before flying to sydney. excited? of course! but, darn it! this bali trip really exhausted me.

the never ending beauty

you cannot not to love bali. i love everything about bali. the exotic sceneries. the sky. the curves of its womens' bodies. and, the aura of being in a vacation. for the past seven days, i've been fortunate enough to experience some of the best resorts in the world. talking about four seasons at sayan and jimbaran bay. the ritz-carlton resorts and spa. and, last but not least, the conrad bali.

the soul of asia

talking about singapore? just a 90-minute trip yet a world away compare to jakarta. the city where i could go to the botanical garden, jog awhile, and relaxingly read the sunday times with a cup of english breakfast. it reminds me of my life in the states. in a cleaner surrounding, of course.