Sunday, August 05, 2007

i usually don't like being in an old hotel room. but, this one was different. i fell in love the moment i stepped into this room. it was beautiful. with old window panes and hue lights surrounding the room, it was just beautiful. 
flew to singapore last week for a meeting and stayed in an old-renovated hotel building. singapore is good for renovating and preserving historical buildings. when i saw this picture, i didn't feel like i was in singapore, but in one european country. the english manor architecture is still well preserved. 

Ah... what are your goals?

there are things to be done which considered to be my goals. 

two books to be written,  a non-fiction and a novel. i felt honored when somebody from the publishing company requested those two book especially written by me.

visiting dubai and beijing late this year and early next year. i always amazed by the forbidden city and the great wall. 

get married next year (if and if). cannot stand my mother's yapping on my ears. 

Bali during summer vacation season where people were enjoying the sun and the cool wind from the wintry Australia. The low sky of Nusa Dua was full of people doing the para-sailing. 

i didn't travel much this past summer season due to the work load at the office. but early July, i was quite lucky to be invited to bali for just an engagement party i have to attend for the magazine. a one day break,  meaning to stay just one night then returned to jakarta the next day.