Friday, January 13, 2006

they said tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. that is so true for several things and not for the other things.

a combo big mac meal in jakarta costs you around Rp24,000. in tokyo, the same big mac with fries and medium coke will cost you 560 yen.

560 yen times Rp85 will get you the total of Rp47,600

so, the same meal will cost you double in tokyo.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is another example. it's one of the most expensive joint in japan. my sis told me that she's been living in japan for six years and never bought any single fried chicken in KFC. it's cheaper to fry the chicken herself.

there are alot and i mean, a lot of used bookstore in japan. one of the biggest one called book off is in harajuku. i visited it and got really frustrated. how couldn't i get so frustrated? they were all in japanese! and, i didn't even understand one single kanji or hiragana word!

so, next thing in knew, i was in x-rated books section. no japanese language to learn and to understand, right?


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