Saturday, December 17, 2005

nothing is more exciting than bondi beach in the summer time. though the beach is not as beautiful as the ones in bali and lombok, you can feel the aura of summer everywhere here. the season much awaited for the people tired of the winter gloomy and rainy spring.

summer is when you channel your energy to outdoor activities. when the day is long and you want to be out all the time.

the buzzzzzz of people ready to get some tans, the sound of sea birds flying above, the panorama of hilly residentials afar, all give the essence of your being in the middle of summer time.

as silly as i was, i just realized why they called a flip flop for sendal jepit. it's because when you wear them and walk on a pair of a flip flop, you will hear the sound of flip flop flip flop. duh!

i feel like i can't get enough of traveling. but, i really want to have a long vacation where i don't have to do anything, just enjoying myself during and after the vacation. nowadays, my vacations start when i finish the articles about the places i visited. ugh!

i travel yet in no terms of vacationing.


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