Saturday, September 24, 2005

all of my friends are telling me how fortunate i am to be able to visit all of the beautiful resorts and got to spend the nights there.

people sometimes forget that i was invited to visit the resorts to work not in any way of vacationing there. it was true that as a media person, sometimes, i got more perks than the regular guests did.

i visited many resorts in java, bali, and lately lombok. at first, i have to request permissions to visit some of them and in return did some write ups. but, as time goes by, the opposite happened -- i received a lot of invitations to visit and stay from them.

not that i didn't enjoy staying at those luxuries resorts -- i loved them all -- but mostly, during the daytimes. when the night fell, the story would be different.

most of those resorts are intended for the honeymooners -- meaning for couples. and aometimes, they were built in places so exotic unimaginable -- in the middle of paddy fields, on the deserted island with beautiful beach, at the top of a hill, in a valley next to a sacred river, in the middle of nowhere but hutan jati and so on.

they are so exquisitely beautiful in the daytimes and so incredibly spooky and scary in the evening if you got to stay and sleep by yourself because the panoramas outside would be very dark with minimal natural lights sometimes only stars and moonlight and the interior of the villa would be very dimmed by minimal lightings to enhance the romantic ambiance.

the spookiest resort i've ever stayed and promised myself would never visit it again is located in a small village in central java. for the first time in my life, i got so scared sleeping by myself i turned the tv and all the lights on.

different islands have different auras.

one of the resorts could really throw me into a scary situation. the story started with this -- it was a nice and beautiful resort in the middle of paddy fields. the night was quiet and i was just ready to turn the light off and tuck in. suddenly, the phone rang. a ring of a phone in the middle of the night could make you jump and of course, the news couldn't me more abstract to me. one member of my team frantically yelled, "maaan, john doe 'kesurupan'!!! aduh elo ke sini deh, gue takut nih!"

as the manager of the team, i have to do something. meaning walking from my villa to his villa with a flashlight in my hand and lots of prayers in my heart and, trust me, in the middle of my walking to the intended villa, all the power in the resort suddenly went dead! and, there i was in the middle of a total darkness with only lights from my flashlight and from afar i could hear john doe's voice shrieking and wailing high in a quietness of the night.

to sum it up -- i hate sleeping by myself in an assignment and can't wait to enjoy those beautiful resort with the one i love in a honeymoon.


Anonymous atta said...

mudah-mudahan segera terwujud *seraya melihat paragraf terakhir*


September 27, 2005 7:12 PM  
Anonymous alaya said...

jadi inget cerita lo yg tentang kesurupan itu :)

September 28, 2005 5:01 PM  

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