Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the turn of the evening today brought me to the FHM magazine art photography uncensored at hotel nikko jakarta.

to be honest, entering the event, i felt weird, at first, standing among the uncensored photo exhibits where sexy women were the objet d'arts i could only see in the photography books so far. hey, not that i was complaining seeing lots of beautiful women in artful pictures with nothing on them, i just felt weird. i have to pinch myself to realize that this is jakarta now. the 'keterbukaan' that the russians felt for glasnost and perestroika years back.

darwis triadi, kay moreno, marsio juwono, davy linggar, jay subiyakto, and oetomo, those are the maestros in photography whom, some of them, i know personally. their artful framed pictures around entertained us, the guests whose sights were all open to the fullest enjoying the beautiful artistic composition of women uncensored. how i enjoyed the event alot and was thinking of taking a class of nude photography.

great! i love the soiree.

a.testoni and vera wang shows are waiting to be covered.


Blogger dewi said...

I don't knw anything about art present in this way. Kemaren liat beritanya di tipi, sudah fitrah perempuan kali ya kalo seneng terlihat indah dan cantik. Kalo ada yg tanya ke saya...uhmm saya cuma malu sama Bapak n Emak. Kayanya kecintaan saya ma mereka berdua terlalu dalam untuk mencoba jeopardize their noble feelings (tapi gak ada yg nanya ke saya kok) :)

August 24, 2005 5:01 PM  
Blogger Irene said...

hai iman, just wanted to say hi

(feeling very uncreative at 1 in the morning)

August 25, 2005 1:48 PM  
Blogger rini said...

If I were in Jakarta, I would have come to this event.

btw, why are all your posts untitled?

August 25, 2005 7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bisa liat gak yg dipamerkan disana?
punya hasil jepretnya khan?
sayang bgt gw gak sempet dateng... hehehe... nice blog u have here...

August 29, 2005 12:53 PM  
Anonymous alaya said...

finally u update your blog again.
nice posts :)

August 29, 2005 3:58 PM  

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