Tuesday, March 14, 2006

over the weekend i was sick. a throbbing headache pounded my head like never before. so heavy i couldn't even got up from the bed. everytime i tried to, it was like the earth was spinning around me. and, i fell back to the mattras.

the doctor told me i have a mild vertigo.

"kamu kebanyakkan kerja ya? kamu butuh istirahat nih! pasti terlalu capek jadi tekanan darahnya naik drastis, makanya jadi vertigo gini," the doctor told me.

i don't feel like i work too hard like he said. there are so many things i want to accomplish and there are so many things i have not even yet accomplished. i told a friend, i wish one day equals 36 hours instead of 24.

i am so used to work hard.

but, that's not my concern. what concerns me the most is i think i am a changed person.

i used to be a very grey person. easily touched by my surroundings. sensitively affected by my emotions. but, in the past two years here in jakarta, i have turned to be a black and white person. it's like a 'yes - fine, no - i don't care' type of attitude.

a friend of mine told me that i am still a grey person reading my writings and seeing my pictures, but she said, "you changed because you were forced to change by what you are doing and the position you are taking now."


whatever it is, i was moved by a saying that changed me a lot --

fortune favors the bold.


Blogger bar-bitch said...

wah ... vertigo itu sakit kepala yang ampun2 deh'

pernah juga sih kalo dah kebanyakan pikiran, en mungkin bapak juga begitu, bukan?

nah ... liburan jg bkn solusi t'baik kl msh sibuk mikir ini itu

terapi menenangkan diri aja ... huehee sok t'eu bgt sih gw.

ya pokoknya begitu'lah

March 16, 2006 7:13 PM  
Anonymous agnes said...

Biarpun sehari itu 36 jam juga, pasti akan tetap aja berasa kurang, pengennya sehari jadi 48 jam, hehehe...

Aku juga kalo kerja sampai malam, sampai my best friend's dad said that, "kamu mau kerja sampai malam, atau kamu mau kerja sampai tua?". Sejak itu jadi mikir dah...

March 18, 2006 4:41 PM  
Blogger Unie said...

woooooo.......gambarnya kerennnnnn........lam knal ya kacamata (^_^)

March 20, 2006 2:15 PM  

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