Wednesday, December 01, 2004

to become a travel writer

one day in brentwood, tennessee, an elderly gentleman told me something i would never forget. a simple saying with simple words.

"do the job you love," he uttered to me over breakfast 14 years ago when i asked him about changing my major.

i always wanted to be a travel writer more than anything i could do. my passion of photography and my hobbies of writing and traveling combine well together. it's like a well paid hobbies.

over fourteen years of my living abroad, my path took me to the jobs i never really like. barely make me survived the living, yet giving me strength to be tough and learnt alot of things in life.

today, the owner of my company called me to the management's office.

the assignments surprised me.

i will be sent away to travel and to write some articles.

europe and australia.